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RLB Subordinates Dagger

RLB Subordinates Dagger

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Second pattern, (Circa 1938-1942), RLB Subordinate’s dagger features a roughly, 8 5/8" long, drop forged, steel construction, nickel/silver plated, dual edged, blade with a raised, central, ridge and a full length, including the hilt, of roughly, 13 1/2". The blade is still quite clean and bright with minor scabbard runner marks, some small areas of light to moderate surface spotting and the majority of the original cross-graining is still visible. The blade has no visible manufacturer’s markings. The cut-out, blackened leather, blade washer with a repeating, impressed cross-hatch pattern is still intact. The dagger has a nickel/silver plated, die cast alloy, cross guard featuring horizontally extended, stylized, "wings" with three, recessed and four, embossed, horizontal lines and an obverse, vertically downward extended, langet with a stylized "squat" national eagle, with down-swept wings, clutching an encircled, embossed, canted, swastika on a slightly textured, recessed, background field. The dagger has a nicely contoured, lathed, black dyed, hardwood grip with a nickel/silver plated and black enamelled, die struck, bronze alloy, second pattern, RLB emblem button. The RLB emblem features an eight point, multi-ribbed sunburst pattern with an embossed, canted, black enamelled swastika superimposed to the center. The sunburst pattern retains about 80% of it’s original, nickel/silver plated finish with small spots of wear to the underlaying, bronze colored alloy base. The black enamel to the swastika is retained about 95% with a couple of small surface cracks. The black dye to the hardwood grip is retained about 80% with small spots of wear to the age and usage darkened, hardwood and the grip has a couple of very small dings and dents. The dagger has a nickel/silver plated, oval, die cast alloy pommel with a raised horizontal bead to the center. The nickel/silver plated finish to the cross guard, the obverse langet and the pommel are all retained about 95% with some minor surface spotting. The dagger comes complete with a black painted, magnetic sheet metal scabbard with a nickel/silver plated, magnetic, bottom fitting and throat both intact. The bottom fitting is secured to the scabbard by two, small, counter-sunk, screws and the throat has a single, counter-sunk, retaining screw to the obverse center. The nickel/silver plated finish to both the bottom fitting and the throat are retained about 90% with some small areas of light to moderate surface spotting. The glossy black painted finish to the scabbard is retained about 95% with a few small scrapes and scuffs. The scabbard has a brazed on, magnetic, vertical, hanger suspension ring with an inserted, triangular, magnetic suspension "loop", securing a blackened leather hanger with a rivetted on, nickel/silver plated, magnetic sheet metal retainer, without clip, which was broken when it was captured!!

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