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Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Sword

Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Sword
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Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Sword Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Sword Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Sword Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern Sword

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A really nice condition 2nd Patern Luftwaffe Sword. Approx 28" long, of the later Aluminium construction, with a forged steel, dual edged blade, with a central blood groove running down the blade towards the tip. The whole package here is in great condition; the blade shows a few scratches and areas where it has not been cleaned that well, but overall, one of the nicest we have had. A fairly oily smell from the blade, so guessing either the X Serviceman oiled it to keep it good, or its original. The blade is engraved with the word "Gaefler" in a script trademark. Gaefler was the location of the F&A Helbig foundry which was located at Steinbach-Gaefler. F&A Helbig was one of two makers operating in the city of Steinbach in the late 1930's. There were 92 towns named Steinbach so each one used a geographical point to distinguish it from the this case Gaefler. It is almost certain that this is thus by F&A Helbig, made in Gaefler. The sword has the later aluminium cast alloy cross guard and pommel. The cross guard features downwardly curved, stylized wings to each side with a central, raised circular panel with a sunwheel swastika to both the obverse and reverse, that shows signs of gilding. The cross guard is very well detailed. The blue leather wrapped, carved wooden grip has its original dual strand, twisted brass wire wrap still intact and the leather is in great condition. The pommel also features a similar but larger sunwheel swastika to both the obverse and reverse, again gilded and with the edge of the pommel displaying well detailed hand etched oak-leaf pattern. All the parts are in excellent condition, with just slight scratches and wear and soe loss to the gilding. The sword comes complete with its original scabbard with blue leather covering and alluminium fittings. The scabbards leather covering is in excellent condition with a couple of small scuff marks and blemishes but nothing major. This really is an excellent condition sword and one that was well looked after and probably kept for only top occassions. The X Serviceman kept it along with his SS Sword in a display case for most of its life and thus it has been kept perfect.

WW2 German swords are becoming very difficult to obtain and are a great future investment; they seem to be improving in value almost monthly at the moment. This is a very clean, excellent condition one for any collection and looks great. This came from the same X Servicemans collection as our SS and Army swords we have listed and were brought back from the D-Day landings, but we do not know exactly where he picked it up from.

Price: 800.00

Product Code: LUFW30

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