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We are collectors and scholars of historical events, including WW2 and have always been fascinated by history and past events. We do not support or condone war in any way, but see past events as an opportunity for study. Any items we offer are intended for collectors of World War II memorabilia and to be used for educational & research purposes only. There may be items listed under the WW2 section, relating to Japan or Third Reich Nazi Germany, that could cause offense to some people. We apologise if you find any items offensive, but we have no affiliation with any past, present or future political parties, military organization, or religious orders and we would urge you not to enter these pages if you may take offense. All of our World War II collectables come from our own private collection via many X-service personnel and have included Nazi party items, Allgemeine and Waffen SS, Hitler Youth,Luftwaffe,Kriegsmarine, Kamikaze, Japanese Army/Navy, U.S. & British items also.

We should not forget our past but should endeavour to learn from its mistakes and move forward. It is our hope that via the study of our past collectors like ourselves and sites like this will help others to learn and understand our history and never forget those many millions that have died as a result of world wars. May god protect them.

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